Our Story...

About Sangeeta Das

Sangeeta Dasgupta is a Motivational Coach who has a multifaceted personality. She is the founder of a wellness coaching and training organization named The Healing Oshun.  She is a Life Coach, Mentor, Learning & Development Consultant and a Holistic Healer.

Sangeeta's journey so far...

She is an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer for EKAA formerly California Hypnosis Institute (CHII), MBA (HR), a Dale Carnegie certified Trainer, NLP Practitioner from Dr. Richard Bandler and a Life Transformation Coach from ICF (International Coach Federation). She is an Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner from Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue. She was awarded “The Best Holistic Healer and Trainer” in the Inspire – Spiritual and Wellness Visionary Awards 2017.


Years of Experience

She conducts various corporate as well as motivational training. She has conducted thousands of personal sessions and team workshops with various corporate giants across several industries.

She practices as a “Life Enhancement Coach” which means that she will empower you mindfully, challenging your limiting beliefs and helping you to break free. Her deep insights will awaken your consciousness and help recreate a meaningful Life. Her vision for life is Empowering People to take a forward leap in life to feel Happy, Whole and Complete.

The Healing Oshun

“ The Healing Oshun” is an ocean of wellness, joy and peace. It celebrates Life and has a plethora of events happening in it such as Yoga, Meditation, Therapies ranging from Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Crystal Therapy, NLP and many more. It has a beautiful Crystal Shop which has a range of Energy Harmonisers like Crystals, Candles, Singing Bowls, Bells, Feng Shui products, Essential Oils, Incense, Diffusers, Sage and above all Yogananda Flower Essences.

Snapshot of Experience and Achievements


Membership Director -ICF Delhi Chapter

Trainer – EKAA for “ Advanced Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions”

Trainer – EKAA for “Advanced Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioural Resolutions”

Associate Certified Coach ( ACC) tm by The International Coach Federation

Innermost Shift Coach

NLP Practitioner by Dr Richard Bandler

Awarded “The Best Holistic Healer and Trainer” in the Inspire – Spiritual and Wellness Visionary Awards 2017

Trainer – EKAA for “ Basic course in integrated clinical hypnotherapy”

meditation teacher from Ananda sangha

Dale Carnegie train the Trainer, US

aromatherapy from “The ministry of fragrance and flavor” Govt. Of India

Advanced Tarot practitioner

Aura Reader and photographer

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA formerly California Hypnosis Institute (CHII)

Advanced Angel Certified Practitioner from Doreen Virtue

Angel Certified Practitioner from Charles Virtue

T&D , Training & development, diploma from ISTD

MBA ( HR) from Sri Sringeri Sharada institute of management, silver medalist

BSC ( Zoology Hons. ) Delhi University