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Advanced Tarot Card Reading

The Classic Ryder Waite cards have divine wisdom and deeper secrets. In this 2 day workshop, practitioners will learn advanced tarot techniques and connections between the cards for powerful readings. You will learn :

* Advanced Metaphorical Meanings

* Kabbalah Numerelogy Spread for Understanding your Life Purpose

* Chakra Spread

* Astrological Spread

* Relationship Spread

* Career Spread

* Health Spread

* Past Life Spread

* Apart from these Advanced Spreads you will learn to give guidance , practical tips and techniques for improving life conditions.

* You will also learn to conduct powerful positive spells / Divine Rituals .

Tarot Spells purely work with the subconscious power of your mind. It enables you to find our own power and breakthrough our limitations by bringing our outer world in harmony with the inner world and by phrasing our thoughts and actions as positive affirmations.

It is a positive experience, which reflects the harmony and unifying principles of nature and of the higher powers.

It is done to provide you with purpose and meaning in what you think, speak and do.

You will learn to conduct Tarot Spells for:

  1.    To Attract Good Luck
  2.    Good Health
  3.    Attract Money and Prosperity
  4.   Attract Love
  5.  For Success when faced with string competition
  6.  Releasing Stress
  7.  Protection

In addition to the above , you will also learn how to amalgamate Angel Cards with the Tarot Cards to uplift the energies and take guidance from the angels to live a beautiful life.

Energy Exchange : Rs 6500’/-

26 July
Sunday @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm



The Healing Oshun


The Healing Oshun

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