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Online Advanced Angel Therapy Workshop – Earth Angel

Earth Angel

Healing through Earth Angel

The word angel inspires a reaction from all who hear it. An angel to most people means someone they know or have encountered with a sweet disposition who is unconditionally giving and kind.

There are however very real heavenly beings called angels. Angels are often depicted in paintings and drawings as beings with wings and robes and large halos above their heads. Angels are basically beings of light created by God to help us in all aspects of our lives, they bring divine light, love, peace and joy into our daily existence. They exist  to spread the love of God and to carry out his will throughout the universe

Working with angels will open up the universe of blessings as you bring more of the divine into your everyday life. The word angel means messenger and that is what they are messengers sent by God to guide, protect, to love unconditionally and to help us in whatever way we choose to ask.

The angels are bound by the law of free will which means they cannot reveal themselves or help until we choose to ask for their help hands . So they wait patiently until we gain awareness of their presence around us and reach out on our own for assistance.

Outcomes of the workshop:

Learn all about the realms of the earth Angels and discover what realm you belong to. Knowing the realm you belong to offers you incredibly valuable insights in your own life’s purpose, relationships, and personality.

02 June
Tuesday @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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