Corporate Training

Microcosmic Journey

We provide a non–technical training programmes to the Students, Corporate Sector, Institutes and individuals under Microcosmic training journey by creating a mind–body–soul connection for a better living.

Our trainings dramatically benefit attendees in both their work and personal lives, and also greatly enhance resiliency and productivity on the job.

We have a diverse and experienced team with ability to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.

Our corporate workshops have drawn a high feedback rating!

Journey Milestones
  • Personal excellence programmes
  • Creating Motivation
  • Relationship decoding
  • Happiness Index
  • Balance body-mind-spirit
  • Goal achievement
We follow a mix of training and coaching interventions to achieve our objectives.

Transformational learning tools like NLP technique, Role plays, Art Therapy, Dance and Music therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Energization exercises etc..

To cement workshop learnings into tangible results; we review tool/ techniques learnt in class through follow up sessions (4-6 in number)and personalized coaching as well as required.




  1. Strategy & Goal Setting
  2. Group Dynamics & Conflict Handling
  3. Effective Feedback through Appreciative Inquiry
  4. Performance Management Systems
  5. Team Building and Motivation
  6. Creative & Lateral Thinking
  7. Stress, Ego & Anger Management
  8. Work Life Balance
  • Emotional Control: Manage personal states, increases patience, get rid of stress and improve confidence.
  • Habit Control: Manage change, work to adopt new habits, make life choices get you to auto success, improve food and eating habits.
  • Relationship: Strengthen your bonding with family and friends. Resolve conflicts, and increase level of understanding.
  • Success and Motivation: Put yourself on path of auto success, make winning a habit and loosing a way of learning.
  • Goals and Actions: Set your goals, draw plan and work out plan to reach to your target.
  • Purpose & Happiness: determine who you are at your core, what you are meant to do, and what makes you truly happy.
  • Health & Wellness: Work on your energy level, attain right weight body and physical appearance. Maintain state of well being and feel amazing.
  • Love & Intimacy: Become more loveable and deepen intimacy, change friction into attraction and enjoy being close to each other without sacrificing personal freedom, personal values.
  • Financial Freedom: Plan expenses, have more holidays, set a budget, balance between EMI’s, debts and income level.
  • Integration & Balance: Find tranquillity and peace within and among everything in your life
Connecting to the Inner self: Breathwork, Energization.
Discovering the YOU in You: Games & Activities
Realization for Surroundings: Creativity, Awareness, Presentations
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